Hi guys!! Ok in my Spring guide it was all about popping those mango, peach, lavender and yellow colors. But as the temperatures change, the leaves change, and so too your clothing should change. My biggest tip for clients – take a chance with color! I’m not saying you should dress like you’re on the runway at Fashion Week (that’s a bit too daring) but adding color (real color, not blue or black) can make the difference between a good photo and a great photo. Plum and gold are so much more rich and vibrant than blue and white.

Cranberry, mustard, olive, khaki, eggplant are awesome colors and look fantastic mixed with navy, khaki, and denim. Want to go bolder? Pop some orange in your family wardrobes. Want to be a bit subtler? Mix browns in with blues. If your taste is more plain and you want to stick with basics greys and blues work all year long but definitely add layers (fur vests, boots, scarves, necklaces!) to enhance your look.

If you have any questions, want to send pictures for advice (this is always fun for me!!), or need some extra help planning your outfits for your session – please contact me! I am so happy to help.

What you choose to wear is a very important part of your session. The right outfit can make the difference between good photos and amazing photos.  Check out my Pinterest board here, and keep these tips in mind when choosing your wardrobe.

  1. Start with one outfit that you really like. Maybe Mom has a killer pair of shoes and dress she wants to wear.  Go with it! From there, build around it so colors coordinate but don’t match exactly.
  2. Match their personality! Try cheerful, fun prints with polka dots, stripes, camo – whatever showcases who they really are.
  3. Wear coordinating outfits.  You want the clothes to work together as if they are all from the same collection at your favorite store.  For instance, if you have a cute dress for your little girl that has blue, brown, cream and orange accents, put Mom in a blue dress with a cute orange necklace, your son in a cream polo with jeans, and Dad in a blue patterned shirt with khakis.  If everyone in the family coordinates, then every combination of people (the entire family, pairings, and individual shots) will photograph well.
  4. Choose colors that always pair well together.  Some examples are earth tones (tans, browns, blues, sage, olive, burnt orange, mustard yellow, etc.) and jewel tones (amethyst purple, emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red).  Sometimes its fun to use an accent color (everyone in black, white, and grey with red as your accent).  You can incorporate white into every combination.  But don’t be afraid to mix colors that are a bit unexpected!
  5. Remember that shoes and accessories are important. Please put as much thought into your shoes as you do your wardrobe – they make a huge difference. I can’t edit out crocs 🙂
  6. Accessorize. Headbands, scarves, jewelry, jackets, striped or patterned stockings/tights and hats can create great style. Add Layers!!
  7. Don’t force your kids to wear something they hate. Similarly if your son demands a fedora, go for it. When the kids feel great it shows!
  8. Be careful with white. If you have fair skin or blonde hair, white tends to wash out skin tones. White is fine as an accent color.
  9. Avoid logos.
  10. HAVE FUN!!