Hi, I’m Stefanie.

Mom, business owner, photographer, and coffee addict. I aim to tell a story with my camera, and truly believe that everyone has an incredible story to tell.

I seek to capture real life and stop time because it just goes so darn fast. I want you to remember the smile on her face as she twirled in her tutu. The superman cape he refused to take off. The way your baby’s skin felt at 7 days old. The way she grabbed your finger and wouldn’t let go. The sparkle in her eye, his toothless grin.

I’m kind of a sap. I cry at commercials. I cried putting away the last of my daughter’s baby clothes. I cried so hard during the movie of Les Mis that I didn’t even notice Russell Crowe’s acting. Forget airport reunions. They totally do me in.

I have 3 kids, but based on the current noise level it sounds like 10. They’re all girls, so there’s never any hot water in my house. I dry a lot of tears because something is never fair, and I’m pretty sure we’re responsible for 90% of shoe revenue at Nordstrom.

Before this amazing gig I was the director of marketing for the American Cancer Society (an equally amazing gig). I love this job. Love LOVE it. I love getting to know my clients, connecting with them on a personal level, and making them smile. My clients have become dear friends and I thank my lucky stars every single day for them. And I think life is a fine balance of crazy fun, insane hard work, deep love, and belly laughter.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to be able to tell your story soon.

i bet you didn’t know


I love the beach. If the beach has a bar, I’m even happier.


I have this bizarre ability to alphabetize any word. That’s right, I can put the letters of words in alphabetical order. No there is no use for this ability in the real world. But I’m fun at parties.


I believe you can see someone’s soul in a black and white photograph.


I love music. I love music with meaning, but I’ve been known to bust out with some Vanilla Ice from time to time also. I was raised in Maryland but knew I was a Jersey Girl the day I realized I knew every lyric to every Springsteen song.


I hate laundry. In fact I’m pretty sure that one day when I end up in a straight jacket, it’s because the laundry did me in. And I swear my kids put clean clothes in the laundry just to drive me crazy.


My grandmother’s french onion soup may be my favorite food ever. And I wish I was as good as she was in the kitchen. (I burn things)


My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I get to spend a week with our favorite humans and we’re actually IN the Macy’s Parade! That’s right, keep your eyes peeled for us marching past the cameras, usually in crazy costumes.