I’m always on the hunt for new, amazing products to offer you guys, so when I saw these wooden photo blocks I almost lost my mind. They’re handmade (in the Netherlands, how cool), they’re a little bit rustic, a little bit organic, and a whole lot of awesome. The level of detail to each piece is amazing, and my clients who have jumped on the bandwagon early are loving them!


So what are these photoblocks?
Photoblocks are a beautiful marriage of modern technological photo design and rustic handwork.  This process is done entirely by hand, meaning each is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  Images are printed and adhered to wood blocks (instead of being printed directly onto the wood), so photographs retain their high quality.  Then they are covered with a protective layer for water and light resistance, so each block is created to stand the test of time. The protection layer adds a unique look and subtle charm of a painted piece.  Because each piece is crafted individually, the pieces need their own print laying, finishing, coating and drying time. This requires a carefully allotted timeframe to guarantee the product you receive is absolutely perfect.  So it does take some time to receive them (6-8 weeks), but they are absolutely worth the wait!

I offer them as single blocks and also as groupings, framed and unframed, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.  They can be hung on your walls, set on a pretty easel on a desk, on a shelf in your living room, the possibilities are endless!

3L7A0104 12490125_10101957457037474_2090906858_o 3L7A0093 3L7A1566 Photoblock_Wall_No_10_PLUS Photoblocksa 3L7A0857 12265805_10203619982299496_2130950472832583724_o 3L7A2599 ArmchairGabrielassite Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.26.59 PMI can’t wait to get these gorgeous products up on your walls!