The newborn stage is surreal for many parents. After nine months of wonderful anticipation, mysterious movements, and indecipherable ultrasounds, seeing that perfect little face and hearing their voice (usually in the form of a loud cry) for the first time is unforgettable.

Well, we wish it were unforgettable. But the reality for most parents is that the sleepless nights and fluctuating newborn schedules take their toll on our memory. As much as stare at those precious wrinkles, take in those adorable yawns, and feel that soft skin, it still goes by so fast, and we forget what what it was like.

Creating Beautiful Newborn Memories

Thank goodness for photography! There’s a reason new parents are so eager to get their newborn sessions scheduled with their favorite photographers months before their due date. Photography allows us to freeze those impossibly tiny features in authentic, beautiful images forever!

Which is why Miss Olivia and her mom traveled from NYC to meet me for her newborn session. Not all newborn photographers are created equal – or have the important safety measures in place – and I am so honored that her mom chose me to capture this special time. 

While the typical time to take newborn portraits is between one and two weeks, you can schedule a session at any time. This session is a perfect example of why you should still go ahead and schedule that session even if it’s slightly out of the time frame. At three weeks old, Olivia spent some time wide awake, checking me out with those big beautiful eyes before drifting off to peaceful sleep. Mom wanted to incorporate rich fall tones and they were just perfect with her gorgeous skin tone. The mustard yellow complemented baby Olivia’s joyful personality perfectly!

Olivia’s session was a mini wrapped session, but she was so calm and wonderful for me that we were able to get a few unwrapped poses and mommy images at the same time! Mother and baby were a delight to work with, and I think I could have spent all afternoon with this mother/baby duo as my models!

NYC Newborn Photography