One of my favorite families came back for another session, and it was so great to see them again and meet their second baby girl! When we planned our Spring session, we did not expect there to be a foot of snow on the ground, but they were total troupers about it and though we may have had chattering teeth and some snow in our boots, we (they) spent lots of time snuggling to stay warm. And since snuggle shots are always my favorite, I was thrilled. Maya and Lily are so adorable, and Maya is such a sweet big sister. She kept yelling ‘Look! She’s making baby footprints!’ when Lily left her trail in the snow, and was often just a step behind to make sure her little sister didn’t fall. Mom, sorry the girls couldn’t wear their new spring clothing, and I know you didn’t want them in sweaters, but it’s the love that’s in these images that’s important. I love all of our images and cannot wait to see the amazing wood display we created for their walls. Until then, I give you the best of this snuggly family session.