This sweet young lady is such a gem. She’s creative, intelligent, kind, and already so wise and generous beyond her years! This was no ordinary bat mitzvah, but she’s no ordinary girl.

The Celebration

Lindsay celebrated her bat mitzvah with an amazing party at SPACE Events in Englewood, NJ. Every bat and bar mitzvah I’ve attended (as either a guest or photographer) at SPACE has been incredible. The music is always pumping with popular beats, and emcee Charlie keeps the kids and adults dancing all night long. The personalized decor is always classy, beautiful, and so well-designed. Not to mention that the staff goes above and beyond to make sure every detail is perfect. I can’t say enough about this venue and their team.

All that to say, Lindsay’s bat mitzvah celebration perfectly reflected her bright and caring personality. Her heart logo was so perfectly integrated in every detail, from her invitations and table decor, to the throw pillows and the large screens around the venue.

A True Bat Mitzvah

But enough talking about how amazing Lindsay’s party was, I need to talk about how amazing this GIRL is.

Lindsay radiates light. She made sure to dance with every friend and every family member – she has a way of making everyone around her feel special. When her dad and brothers sang a special surprise song, she fought back the tears (so sweet), and then we all cried while watching her montage of photos through the years. I love when kids aren’t afraid to show their parents how much they love them, and there is no shortage of love in this sweet family.

For the Grand Finale

She’s such a special kid – or young lady, rather – that in honor of her bat mitzvah, she chose to raise money for children with disabilities. As Lindsay so beautifully said:

“As a bat mitzvah, I am finding my own voice. I’ve been touched by an organization that serves children with disabilities, some of whom have autism, and are trapped in their own bodies unable to use their voice.”

She has already raised $20k to help the kids of Beit Issie Shapiro in Israel. She’s made more of an impact in her twelve years of life than many will have over their lifetime. She is truly using her voice and influence for good – what a shining example!