Oh, these beautiful girls! I couldn’t get enough of their big smiles. I’ve been photographing this sweet family since baby Chloe came to my studio as a newborn. Watching families grow is probably the greatest joy of being a photographer – that and documenting the milestones and years of growth for families. 

When I look back at my own family’s portraits, I want see their personalities in every photo and the adorable features that make them unique. I love revisiting photos taken several years back and noticing the same quirky smile that hasn’t changed a bit even though they’re several inches taller. 

As a photographer, I want to provide that same gift to families. I’m always looking to catch those brief and oh, so priceless, moments; like when your newborn shows off a sleepy smile or a precious yawn, or when she instinctively wraps her tiny hand around your finger, or when she opens those bright eyes of hers briefly to look around. These are the things you never want to forget, and preserving them in iPhone photos just isn’t enough. I’m so glad this family keeps coming back to the studio to photograph it. What an incredible childhood collection they are building. 

Now, Chloe is a big sister and couldn’t be more in love with “her baby” Callie. Chloe was so excited to hug and squeeze her sister and show me all of the funny things she can do, like stick her tongue out and make “cute baby noises”. (Chloe was really amazed at her sister’s baby noises – how can such a tiny thing create sounds like that?!) Callie is the prettiest baby, and amazingly, she spent several moments wide awake. I got to see – and photograph – those big beautiful eyes before she drifted back off to sleep. She even gave us some great smiles! It is rare to get so many expressive shots during the newborn stage, but baby Callie wanted to show off!

I absolutely love the color scheme Chloe’s mom chose – the purples and pinks helped create some gorgeous images. They ordered four pieces of wall art showing off their girls and new family of four, and I can’t wait to see them on her nursery walls!