It’s families like this one that make my job so much more than just a job. I was so honored to capture these moments of Caleb’s bar mitzvah weekend and had an amazing time with this crew. It’s clear that this five-some loves deeply. I was struck immediately by the brothers genuine friendship, and their total love for little sister Ruby (who is crazy adorable and I had a hard time turning my camera away from her). And mom and dad, well they’re a whole other story. Their love for each other was palpable and the pride in their eyes when they looked at their kids (especially their bar mitzvah boy!) had me holding back some serious emotion. When they (whoever ‘they’ is) coined the hashtag #familygoals, I’m pretty sure they were talking about this crew.

Caleb I’m so happy I got to play a small part in your special weekend, you’re an awesome kid and I’m sure this world has some pretty big things ahead for you. Breda family, thank you with all my heart for sharing your crew with me. xo